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Message from the Chairman:
All the people are in the city, Pengcheng Miles. Since its establishment, Zhongpeng has experienced more than three years of experience. Since its inception, from the toddler's baby, it has grown from step by step to today's energetic youth. It is the people of Zhongpeng who use their own efforts and their enthusiasm for the future; with their hard work and wisdom, they have cultivated the enterprise spirit of “making forbidden, resolute and vigorous; challenging themselves, pursuing excellence; self-improvement” and holding up “Zhongpeng”— - This sun-shining, prefabricated building red star.
"Professional achievement of the future", as the leader of the enterprise, I deeply understand the importance of corporate responsibility and know the cruelty of market competition. Zhongpeng will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, pragmatic innovation, striving for first-class", and the industry. Together with colleagues, we will make unremitting efforts to improve the quality of people's living and build the best buildings, and repay the society and grow together with the city!
Looking back at yesterday's performance, we sincerely thank those friends, colleagues and customers who have cared, helped and supported Zhongpeng. Looking forward to the future, we hope to get your continued encouragement and care.
Under the new economic situation, with the support of government policies, we are full of excitement and embarrassment, planning a new blueprint for development, based on morality, integrity first, people-oriented, sincere and refined, rigorous and pragmatic, and pursuing excellence.
Warmly welcome all-round cooperation in capital, technology, management, etc. We sincerely invite people with knowledge and lofty ideals to join Zhongpeng!

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