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Hebei Zhongpeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
Hebei Zhongpeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. Under the guidance of national policies and keeping up with the development trend of the industry, it has invested heavily in the introduction of American thin-walled steel insulation wall structure technology, and combined with the domestic market for systematization and precision. The technical improvement has formed the company's unique highly integrated production technology and the buckle-type steel structure building system. In 2016, it completed the industrial upgrading and modern management system, and realized the mechanization and automation of production. Intelligent, standardized, professional, scientific and systematic research and development goals have been developed into a scientific and technological innovation enterprise integrating design, production, construction, sales and channel construction.
The company is committed to the development of green assembly industry as a guide, to serve the national strategy, focus on the development of assembly-oriented industries, practice the concept of green and healthy housing, and pursue the business philosophy of satisfying customer needs, improving service quality and reducing user costs. To build a prefabricated structural load-bearing wall material with high technology content, wide application range, excellent performance and excellent quality, and high-performance intelligent assembly house products.
Zhongpeng innovative research and development of steel structure load-bearing thermal insulation wall products in the vertical load, quasi-static, fire, sound insulation and thermal conductivity, etc. have passed the national test, and have a full range of product testing certificates, The key system of the prefabricated house has more than 20 patented technologies and qualifications issued by authoritative departments. It has won the title of “Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise” and “Science and Technology Achievement Award” in the industry. It is in the leading position in the domestic industry. Level, the accumulated sales in the past four years reached 200 million yuan, with an annual growth rate of 25%. By 2018, it has served nearly 1,000 customers and has more than 30 high-end agents. Its business covers more than ten provinces including Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Fujian and Yunnan. Provinces and cities and Africa, Australia and other countries.

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